If you are tired of targeted advertising and the annoying attention of search engines, install something from this list.

Mobile Firefox already has a good set of tools to preserve your privacy:

incognito mode and tracking protection. But Firefox Focus is still more serious. This browser blocks most well-known web trackers by default and automatically erases your browsing history, passwords and cookies when you restart. The program also removes ads on websites, can protect open tabs from being viewed by outsiders using fingerprint scanning, and can disable JavaScript and Cookies.

  1. Ghostery Privacy Browser

The Ghostery extension enjoys well-deserved popularity. But this developer also has a full-fledged browser for Android. It is based on mobile Firefox and is fully compatible with its extensions, so nothing prevents you from installing some uBlock in addition to the privacy protection tools it has.

Ghostery has one of the largest databases of online trackers, so Ghostery Privacy Browser blocks most tracking elements on web pages without any problems. You can easily see what exactly has been suspended, thanks to the icon next to the address bar. And Ghostery can delete your entire surfing history with a single click, has built-in phishing protection and is able to block Cookies.