Google uses your browsing history to personalize your search results and contextual advertising. If you accidentally hit the site with … pink ponies and now the search results are full of offers to buy tickets to the racetrack, you need to clear the history and prevent such incidents in the future.

Choosing which services Chrome uses

Scroll through the settings page until you see the “Advanced” settings. Opening them, you will find the item “Privacy and security”.

Privacy settings are collected here. You can find out more about what each of them does here. As you can see, Chrome sends to Google, for example, text entered on web pages to check spelling and queries in the address bar to generate search suggestions.

Here’s what you can disable to increase privacy.

“Use a web service to resolve navigation-related issues.”

“Use hints to complete search queries and URLs entered in the address bar.

” “Use hints to speed up page loading.”

“Automatically send information to Google about possible security issues.”

“Automatically send usage statistics and crash reports to Google.”

“Use a web service for spell checking.”

Additionally, you can enable “Send tracking ban with outgoing traffic”. Many sites, however, ignore this, but it will not be superfluous.